Sun, Nov 05, 2017 Part one of series Missing Out, Malachi 3:6-12<br /> Dr Clay Smith<br /> Alice Drive Baptist Church<br /> 2017-11-05       Series: Missing Out    Teacher: Dr. Clay Smith

LIFE GROUP Discussion Guide 
  • In your opinion, why do people react negatively to the idea of giving when it is discussed in church?
Going Deeper and Applying
  • Read Malachi 3:6-7
  • God declares he does not change.  What does that mean to you?
  • How would you explain to someone what it means to turn back to God?  What does a person need to do?
  • Read Malachi 3:8
  • Has anyone ever stolen from you or cheated you?  How did it make you feel?  How do you think God feels when people steal from him?
  • Read Malachi 3:9
  • The people of Judah were cursed because they did not bring tithes and offerings?  How would God curse a nation today for not supporting his work financially?
  • Read Malachi 3:10
  • In your opinion, why are people resistant to giving to God’s work through a local church?  What could a church do to help people?
  • God promises to open up the sluice gates of heaven.  In your opinion, what kind of blessings does God want to send?  What stories in the Bible show the kinds of blessings God wants to send?
  • Read Malachi 3:11-12.
  • Is our country a “delightful land?”  What does this say about our giving?
How would you explain to someone why it is important to be generous?

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