Wed, May 23, 2018    Series: People of Influence    Teacher: Dr. Clay Smith

LIFE Group Questions


Starter:  Tell about someone who coached you.  What kind of impact did they have on your life?


Dig In:

  • Read Exodus 18:7-12.
  • What do you think Jethro felt when Moses told him about what the LORD had done in delivering the people of Israel from Egypt?  How do you respond when people tell you about how God worked in their lives?  What stops us from being interested in someone’s story?  Why is it important to know someone’s past experiences?
  • Read Exodus 18:13-16.
  • Notice how Jethro hangs out with Moses at work.  How are people different at work versus at home?  Notice Jethro’s questions: What are you doing for these people and why are doing it that way?  What does this teach you about how to observe what is happening in the lives of people in your circle of influence?
  • Read Exodus 18:17-23.
  • Jethro points out Moses can’t sustain this pattern.  Who do you need to tell that their pace is not sustainable?  What is your unique role in your circle of influence – in your family, your work, your friendship group, your neighborhood, and with the people you dislike?  Who needs your encouragement to share the load?
  • Read Exodus 18:24-26
  • Notice Jethro steps back so Moses can make his own choices.  Is there someone in your life you are coaching who needs you to step back from and let them play their own game?
  • How does Jesus function as your life coach?

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