Sun, Jun 03, 2018 People of Influence "Core"        Series: People of Influence    Teacher: Jock Hendricks

LIFE Group Questions


Starter: Tell us about someone you know who “walks in the truth.”


Dig In:

  • When you hear the word “core,” what does that make you think of?
  • How do you know that someone is “walking in the truth?”
  • Have you ever experienced someone in the church like Diotrephes who is unwelcoming? (No names please)  How did you deal with them?  What is the best way to deal with them?
  • Why is it important to the story that others were giving testimony about Gaius’ influence?
  • What are some conversations that you need to have with God that you haven’t?  Why do you think you haven’t up to now?
  • What is the scariest thing about studying the Bible?
  • What is the latest truth that you have learned in your studies?
  • Where do you need to do more “core” work, prayer or study?  What is your plan of action?
  • How can building your core more on the truth help you in influencing people in your circle to take healthy next steps toward Jesus?

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