Hope 101
Sun, Oct 07, 2018    Series: Hope    Teacher: Dr. Clay Smith

Life Group Questions


Starter:  Tell about the most hopeful person you know.  Why are they hopeful?


Dig Deeper

  • Read Psalm 25:1-7.
  • What kind of prayer would you recommend to someone who wants to offer their soul to God each day?
  • Trust is the dance partner of hope.  Why do you trust someone?  Why should someone trust God?
  • Several times in this Psalm the word “shame” or “ashamed” is mentioned.  Shame is being devalued.  In your opinion, why would someone want to shame someone?  What would their motive be?  What happens when a person lets this kind of shame control his or her life?
  • David talks about wanting to know God’s ways.  He wants to be taught be God.  The best way to learn the ways of God is to be with God.  What are ways you have you found to be with God, to mindful of His presence?
  • In your experience how is seeing someone through the lens of love different than seeing them through the lens of judgment?  What does it say about God that He sees us through the lens of love? 
  • What would you say to someone to encourage them to put their hope in God?

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