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Alice Drive Kids Ministry exists to help as many kids as possible take their next step toward Jesus Christ. 


This may look a little different right now, but we are prepared to do as much as we need to ensure that our kids are still hearing the gospel! Our prayer is that this new way of communicating can keep our kids engaged, entertained, and growing.


Join our Facebook group for daily "Boredom Busters", weekly Virtual AWANA, Sunday LIFE Group lessons, Virtual Preschool Story Times, and more! 








Alice Drive Kids Ministry is dedicated to helping your family create a joyful, Christ-centered, Easter experience for your kids through this different and difficult time. We know that it doesn't really feel like Easter. But we also know that, no matter the circumstances, Jesus is STILL risen!! Take a look below to see the resources and activities we are offering to help your family celebrate the true reason for the season. 


What's Happening?


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I-Spy Easter Egg Hunt Drive-Thru

Saturday, April 11th | 10 am -2 pm

Join us for an I-Spy Drive-Thru Easter Egg Hunt! Starting at the Wise Dr. entrance, your family can drive around the church and play I-Spy, looking for hidden eggs & Easter Gems! At the end each child will receive an At-Home Easter Egg Hunt Kit (packed with gloves & precaution). A prize for the family who spots the most eggs!

**There will be no contact during the entirety of the hunt.


Daily Family Easter Devotion

Palm Sunday - Easter Sunday

Each day this week, at 3pm, we will be emailing and posting a short Daily Family Easter Devotion. This will be a time for you to gather, press pause on the chaos, grab hands, and look to Jesus together. Each day we will reveal a different part of the Easter story for you to learn and discuss as a family. We hope that this will enrich your time together, helping you soak in every moment of this season!



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Family Easter Jam

Easter Sunday

Easter Jam is a video based experience that includes games, music, Bibles stories, and fun for the whole family!! All you need to do is grab your PEEPS, click on link, and get ready to have fun!! Come back on Easter and click here for your at-home Easter celebtation!! 




But wait, there's more!!!

Be sure to check out our ADBC Kids Facebook page for Tune In Tuesday, Family Sermon Discussion, challenges, and more!





Boredom Busters Gallery


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Kids Sunday Lesson

April 5, 2020 | PALM SUNDAY

copy of sunday kids lesson

Bible Passage: Matthew 26–28; 1 Corinthians 15
Big Idea: Easter is all about Jesus' amazing rescue. Palm Sunday is a reminder of just how special that rescue is, and how much Jesus loves everyone!
Key Passage: John 3:30
Bible Story Video

Older Bible Story Video

Younger Bible Story Video


Family Discussion Questions 

1. Where was Jesus going? Jesus was going to Jerusalem.
2. How did Jesus go into Jerusalem? He rode a donkey.
3. How did the people treat Jesus? They treated Him like their King. They praised Him by laying down their coats, waving palm branches.
4. What did the people shout to Jesus? “Hosanna” and “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!” and “Blessed is the King of Israel.”
5. Why did the people praise Jesus? The people praised Him because of all the things He had done and because they saw Him as the King.
6. Who can we praise? We can praise Jesus our King.
7. How will you praise Jesus our King during the week? Encourage your child to tell you an idea. 

8. When will you praise Jesus our King? Let the children suggest some times. Tell the children they will honor Jesus by praising Him as our King.



“Your king comes to you. He is gentle and riding on a donkey.” Matthew 21:5

Your king: act like you are putting a crown on your head
Comes to you: walk in place
He is gentle: smile
And riding on a donkey: act like riding on a donkey
Matthew 21: hold up 2 fingers on one hand and 1 finger on the other hand
5: hold up 5 fingers

Do this a few times as a family. Make it fun for them to do the motions and say the words.  



Have kids trace a hand (assist if necessary) on green paper. Stack varying shades of green and cut out the hands. Arrange the “palms” in layers and glue or tape to a paper towel roll, a long stick from the yeard, or a straw to make a branch. Talk about how the people waved the palm branches in the story. Wave your palm branches to the song, "Hosanna" and worship Jesus! 

Challenge: Take a video or picture of the kids waving their palm branches and post it on Facebook with #alicedrivekids. 



Kids have to dance around waving palm fronds to children's praise and worship songs. When the song stops the kids must freeze; whoever is still moving is out for that round. For very young children, skip the competition element and just let them dance and freeze. 


Reflection & Prayer 

Ask your kids if they have any prayer requests. Write them down and make sure you pray for those things!

Prayer: Dear Jesus, I praise You for being my King. We love you! In Your name I pray. Amen



Worship Music Videos 

Coloring Pages 

Preschool Songs



Virtual AWANA


virtual awana


We miss our AWANA families SO MUCH this evening! But, we have a great alternative to keep your kids on track to finish their book and for them to have a little bit of normalcy in their Wednesday. We are introducing Virtual AWANA! What better way to entertain your family?! If you didn't get to participate last week, that is okay! Jump in this week!! The Handbook Challenge starts fresh, we have a new Devotion, more Worship Songs, and we have given you another Family Rec Time Game! Take a look below for details!!


Handbook Challenge: The first TEN kids to submit a video of themselves reciting at least 2 sections will earn 30 extra AWANA Bucks. All who participate will receive 10 Bucks for each section completed. Cubbies who do their weekly Bear Hug will receive a prize as well when they return. At the beginning of your video say, “My name is ___________, and I am reciting section _____________!”. Send these to with the subject line: AWANA Handbook Challenge.


Virtual Large Group: Follow these links for a Devotion Video, Worship Videos, and the Cubbies Puppet Show to watch, dance and sing along to!


Family Rec Time: It’s time to get your siblings, grandparents, or parents involved! This week, we are having a PAPER AIRPLANE CHALLENGE! Take your time folding, designing, and testing your own airplanes. Then, see who can make theirs fly the farthest!! We are going to want to see videos of this one! #alicedrivekids


We loved getting the videos of all of our friends saying verses last week! We can't wait to hear how this week goes!! We can't wait until we are able to gather again together! 




Sunday Sermon Notes

3 year olds-1st Grade 

Print a PDF version here, or just use this as an outline! 

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2nd-5th Grade 

Print a PDF version here, or just use this as an outline! 

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Virtual Preschool Storytime


Preschool Storytime.png


While you're stuck at home, you can join us for preschool storytime! Click here for a storytime featuring three farm books, two songs, and a craft! Click here for the coloring sheet we used for our craft. Enjoy!!




Virtual Painting Class




Come learn some painting techniques while you learn how to paint a field of flowers! Also, you'll learn how to make ice cream in a bag with ingredients all from home! Click here to watch the video!




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