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Each year, Alice Drive Baptist Church send between 40-60 people from six states in the US to support our partner organization Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International (BMDMI).  These trips provide medical and dental treatment, evangelism, prescriptions, clothing and shoes, glasses and sunglasses, and other vital services to various villages throughout the country of Honduras.  In addition, our team members support BMDMI's Bible Institute as well as the BMDMI Hospital.  




We are currently accepting applications for those that would like to participate in one of these trips. There is a need for medical staff, dental, pharmacy, optometry, veterinary, children’s church/VBS, evangelism, and construction.  The Surgical teams need surgeons, surgical nurses, surgical techs, CRNA and/or anesthesiologist, pre-op/post-op nurses.  


Registration Date Type of Trip  Location 
Closed  February 17-24, 2018 Villiage Medical & Dental Bible Institute & Surrounding Villiage
Open  October 12-19, 2018 Surgical Team Hospital In Guiamica 
Open  February 16-23, 2019 Villiage Medical & Dental  Evangelism/Construction/Village 

If you would like more information, please contact the Hounduras Mission Trip Leader.


Check out information on past trips: 


2017 -October Tindal Mission Team


2017 Tindall Mission Team 


2016 Dan Tindall Mission Team


2015 Tindall Mission Team


2014 Frank Welch #2


We are currently accepting team members who want to be a part of our next short term mission trip.  We will serve in Haiti in 2018.  For more information, contact the Haiti Mission Trip Leader.







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