Sun, Jun 24, 2018 This video is about Against the Dark - Government - 6.24.18 1       Series: Against the Dark    Teacher: Dr. Clay Smith

Life Group Questions


Starter:  When have you seen government do something evil?  Did you see Satan using government for his own purpose?


Dig Deeper

  • Read Matthew 27:11-26
  • The Chief priests and elders are a special interest group that looks out for their own interests.  How have you seen special interests advance their own agenda at the expense of the whole?  Should Christians consider themselves as a “special interest” group?  What values should Christians lift up that would benefit the whole nation?  What scriptures could guide us toward these values?
  • The crowd is manipulated by the chief priests and elders.  Are Christians being manipulated in America today?  In what way?  What do Christians need to do to discover the way of Jesus?  Should Christians allow themselves to be defined by the agenda of a political party?  Why or why not?  What are practical ways Christians can love their political enemies?
  • Pilate as the governor ducks responsibility.  In what way do you see government ducking responsibility?  What issues in the news today should move us to call our elected officials to share our views?
  • In your opinion, what kinds of laws are unjust that Christians should not obey? When should we obey (Romans 13:1-7) even if we disagree?
  • In your opinion, what does government worship look like (Revelation 13)?  How do we resist government worship as Jesus followers?

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