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Sun, Nov 11, 2018    Series: Roots to Fruits    Teacher: Dr. Clay Smith

Life Group Questions


Starter:  Why do you think people are turned off by church?


Dig Deeper

  • Read Acts 2:42
  • What kind of teaching helps you know more about Jesus?
  • In your experience, what gets in the way of people being connected in church?  What can we do about it?  What helps people overcome self-centeredness in church?
  • Breaking bread is an essential part of the early church.  How do you feel when someone shares a meal with you?  In what way is it a spiritual event?
  • Read Acts 2:43-45
  • What are the kinds of signs and wonders that make our culture think that God is doing something in our church?
  • Describe what it must have been like for someone in the early church to see a need and sell something and give it to meet that need.  Why do we not do this today?
  • In your opinion, why are people in the church not generous?
  • Read Acts 2:46-47
  • Luke tell us early followers of Jesus did not quit; they persevered.  Why do you think people quit church today? 
  • Every church has a reputation.  In your opinion, what is the reputation of ADBC?
  • What keeps us from wanting “as many people as possible?”  What do we need to do to have an evangelistic culture?

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