Sun, Sep 22, 2019    Series: Not Pretty People    Teacher: Dr. Clay Smith

Sermon Discussion Questions


Starter:  Think about someone you know who needs God’s forgiveness.  What would happen in their life if they knew for sure Jesus forgave them?  What would change?


Dig Deeper

  • Read Mark 2:1-4
  • Note the friends who bring the paralyzed man to Jesus.  They overcome obstacles.  What is the biggest obstacle that keeps you from bringing your friends to Jesus?
  • Read Mark 2:5
  • Jesus first addresses this man as “Son.”  Why do you think Jesus called the man that?  How did it make the man feel?
  • Jesus does not excuse the man’s sin’s because he is paralyzed.  Is there a type of person whose sins we excuse because of something in their life?  Why?
  • Sin is a willful choice to take charge of your own life, to declare your decisions and choices are superior to God’s.  In what ways have you seen people declare their way of thinking and acting superior to God’s ways?
  • Forgiveness is God renouncing his right to punish people who refuse his life-plan for them.  Think about your own life.  How many times have you refused God’s plan?  What does his forgiveness mean to you?
  • Read Mark 2:6-7
  • The religious leaders understand Jesus’ claim to forgive sins means he claims to be God.  What would your reaction be if someone came up to you and told you your sins were forgiven?  What would make you believe that person?
  • Read Mark 2:8-12
  • Jesus does this miracle to demonstrate his authority to forgive sin.  In our day, what would you say is the sign that Jesus has the authority to forgive sin
  • Everyone who saw this miracle was astonished.  What do you think they were thinking?  How did this day change their thinking about Jesus?


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