Final Words
Sun, Jun 09, 2019 Walking with God is the key to the good life.        Series: The Man Who Had Everything    Teacher: Delmar Peet

Sermon Discussion Questions:


Starter:  What have you chased in life?  Have you been fulfilled?



  • Why do you think Solomon chased after life after God grated his wish for wisdom?
  • Has anything other than God’s word guided you?
  • How can Solomon say that God’s word is enough? What “other” wisdom do people use for guidance?
  • What does it look like to “fear God and keep his commandments?”
  • What if Ecclesiastes 12:14 was the end of it?  What if we faced judgment without Jesus?
  • What are things in life that we accept when we shouldn’t?
  • How is God’s love better than his acceptance ever would be?
  • Have you accepted God’s love through Jesus Christ?  How has this changed your life?

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