Sun, Dec 17, 2017 Part three of series The Reveal<br /> Isaiah 53:7-9<br /> Dr Clay Smith<br /> Alice Drive Baptist Church<br /> 2017-12-17       Series: The Reveal    Teacher: Dr. Clay Smith


LIFE GROUP Discussion Guide 


  • 1.       Tell about someone you know who has rejected Jesus or has stopped following him.  In your opinion, why did they make that choice?

Going Deeper and Applying


  • 1.       Read Isaiah 53:7
  • a.       Jesus is very restrained when he is on trial and being crucified.  What does this teach us about the character of God?
  • b.      Jesus willingly gave his life so the salvation plan of God could be accomplished.  What does this teach us about giving nature of God?
  • c.       Jesus refused to protest or draw attention to his sacrifice.  What does this tell us about God’s love?
  • 2.       Read Isaiah 53:8
  • a.       Jesus threatened the status quo of the priests and Pharisees.  How does Jesus threaten our status quo?
  • b.      Jesus was cut off from justice and fairness.  Do we treat Jesus fairly today?
  • c.       We run away from people with the plague.  Today, why do people run away from Jesus?
  • 3.       Read Isaiah 53:9
  • a.       In what ways do you see people try to forget about Jesus?
  • b.      What does it say about human beings that we seek to kill the one person who did no violence and never told a lie?

If someone were to ask you “What will you do with Jesus?” how would you respo

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