Up is Down
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Sun, Apr 29, 2018
This video is about Alice Drive Baptist Church - Against The Dark (Up Is Down) - 04.29.2018
Series:Against the Dark   Passages: Matthew 12:22-37    Teacher: Dr. Clay Smith

Life Group Questions



“Reality is what you can count on; it is what you run into when you are wrong.” – Dallas Willard

  • People tend to base their reality on their experience or their feelings.  Tell about a time when you saw someone base reality on their experience or feelings and they were wrong.  What did that teach you?

Dig In:

  • Read Matthew 12:22-24
  • In your opinion, why did the Pharisees refuse to see the reality that Jesus was doing mighty works by the power of God?
  • Read Matthew 12:25-28
  • Notice Jesus’ logic.  If he is driving out deacons by the Spirit of God, it means the Kingdom of God has arrived.  In what ways would God’s kingdom change the reality of Satan’s kingdom?  Or to put it another way, how does the reality of God’s kingdom differ from the reality of Satan’s kingdom?
  • Read Matthew 12:29
  • Jesus as a burglar is an arresting picture.  What do you imagine Satan’s reaction to be as Jesus steals what is valuable to him?
  • Read Matthew 12:30-32
  • What definitions of the unforgivable sin have you heard? 
  • The unforgivable sin occurs when people call “good” “evil” and “evil” “good.”  This hardening of the heart tends to happen over time.  In your opinion, what are signs that a person committed this sin?
  • Read Matthew 12:33-37
  • If someone has decided that “good” is “evil” and “evil” is “good,” what would their life produce?  What kind of words would they say?
  • What are you doing that encourages you to live in the reality of God each day?

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