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Sun, May 13, 2018
Series:People of Influence   Passages: Luke 10:25-37    Teacher: Dr. Clay Smith

Life Group Questions


Starter:  Who has been the most caring person in your life?  Why?  How did they care for you?


Dig In:

  • Read Luke 10:25-37.
  • If someone were to ask you “What is good life?” how would you answer?
  • The teacher of the law is someone who knows the right answers but seems to want to avoid living the right answer.  Do you know anyone like this?  What are they like?
  • In your opinion, what is the significance of Jesus telling a story about care instead of giving a definition of care?
  • Tell about someone you know that uses people.  What impact do they have in their circle of influence?
  • What rationalizations do you give yourself for not caring for people?
  • What have you found helpful to allow you to stop and notice people in need?
  • In your opinion, what stops people from feeling caring emotions?
  • In your experience, what is the best way to determine a person’s true need and meet it?
  • Tell about a time when you cared too much.  Did it help or hurt the other person?
  • Who has God put on your heart to care about today?

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