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Sun, Sep 02, 2018
Series:Labor Day Weekend   Passages:     Teacher: Jock Hendricks
Life Group Questions
Starter:  Talk about what a grace-based salvation feels like as opposed to a works-based salvation.
Dig Deeper
  • What part of your being is evident in your doing? What part of your doing is producing something that reveals your being needs an adjustment?
  • How do we know when we need to physically step into someone’s?  When should be step back, pray, and let God handle the situation?
  • Do you have an opinion or belief that gets in the way of God working in your life or in others?
  • What has your life recently produced that gives evidence to your convictions and beliefs?  How has this helped others?
  • How do we know that someone is truly “loving God and loving others?”
  • Put modern words and thoughts to what the fruits of the spirit are.  In other words, how can be explain to a nonbeliever that the fruits of the spirit in our lives are a result of our Christian beliefs and convictions?
  • IF we are convicted that our faith may be dead as James speaks, what are some immediate and long-term steps that we can take in order to see new life being breathed into our faith?

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