Sun, Sep 16, 2018 Every Relationship needs a miracle       Series: Stick Together    Teacher: Delmar Peet

Discussion Questions

1.     Have you ever tried to force God’s hand (a miracle) in relationships?

2.     Why do you think we try to bargain with God to do things in our lives?

3.     Where are places we tend to overlook God’s work in our relationships?

4.     Why is salvation considered a miracle? How does that change the way we think about it?

5.     Have you been in the waiting like God’s people were for 430 years? What did you do?

6.     If God showed up in some of your key relationships right now how would they change? Would he end any? Would he interject grace into any and restore them?

7.     What would it look like for us to be people who wait on the Lord’s miraculous hand like the Hebrew people did while they were in Egypt?

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