Big Fear, Bigger Faith: Antidote
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Sun, Aug 07, 2016
Series:Big Fear, Bigger Faith   Passages:     Teacher: Delmar Peet

LIFE GROUP Discussion Guide



Note to Leaders: Every small group is different. Please choose the questions that relate best to your particular group.



1.      Why does it seem easier to have faith for some things than other?


Engage and Apply

1.      Read Joshua 14:6-15

2.      In your opinion, why was Joshua able to have a hard life and still “wholly follow” the Lord.

3.      Can you identify one moment when God showed up in your life? Why do you think so many people miss these moments?

4.      Why is having constant trust so important to strong faith? Why do you think this is often overlooked?

5.      What are some areas that you may have settled for comfort instead of living in trust?

6.      How does fear keep us from realizing the purpose God has in our lives?

7.      What are some fears right now that you need to exchange for trusting faith?



Father, show me the areas in my life that fear has sat in because I have not trusted you well. Remind me of my story and never let me forget how you have provided for me. Please never let me settle for anything less than your promise.

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