Filled with the Christmas Spirit
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Sun, Dec 09, 2018
Series:Christmas Unabridged   Passages: Luke 1:13-15 & Luke 3:7-2:9    Teacher: Dr. Clay Smith

Life Group Questions


Starter:  When you hear the phrase “Spirit Filled Life,” what’s your reaction?


Dig Deeper

Pastor Clay pointed out six marks of the Spirit Filled Life.

  1. Read Luke 1:13-15.
    1. Describe someone whose life brings joy to others.  What makes them that way?
  2. Read Luke 3:7-9.
    • In your opinion, what realities are Jesus followers most reluctant to deal with in themselves?  In others?
  3. Read Luke 3:10-14
    • John mentioned three specific changes: Be generous, be honest, and be content.  Which change is most needed for you?  Which change is most needed for people around you?  How will you communicate to them?
  4. Read Luke 3:16.
    • John points to Jesus.  In your opinion, what is the best way for a Jesus follower to put the focus on Jesus and not themselves?
  5. Read Luke 7:18-19.
    • In your opinion, why did John need reassurance from Jesus?  What are the moments you need the most reassurance from Jesus?
  6. Read Luke 7:28
    • What do you need to do to be great for God?

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