Peer Pressure
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Sun, Jun 23, 2019
Rehoboam vascilates between God and being like other nations
Series:Unfortunate Son   Passages: 2 Chronicles 11:13 & 1 Kings 14:21    Teacher: Dr. Clay Smith

Sermon Discussion Questions:


Starter:  Tell about a time when someone you knew succumbed to peer pressure.  What happened?



  • Read 1 Kings 12:26-29
  • How would you describe Jeroboam’s fears?
  • In your experience, how do people react when they are afraid they will be left out?
  • Notice that Jeroboam seeks advice.  Imagine you were giving advice to Jeroboam.  What advice would you give?
  • Jeroboam ignores a commandment of God.  Why do you think God gave the command not to make an idol representing him?
  • Have you ever experienced church people worshipping something instead of God?  Why do we fall into that trap?
  • Read 1 Kings 14:21-24
  • Judah made lots of shrines to Canaanite gods.  Imagine how Rehoboam encouraged this or allowed?  How could he have discouraged it?
  • In your experience, how do people react when they are afraid they are not enough or they are afraid they don’t have enough?
  • Rehoboam out-idols Jeroboam.  Imagine what would have happened if Rehoboam was not threatened by Jeroboam.  What choices would he have made if his security was in God?
  • In your experience what is the best way to listen to God in every day life?  What works for you?
  • Are there any idols Jesus needs to tear down in our church?  In your life?

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