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Sun, Nov 10, 2019
Series:Not In? Can't Win.   Passages: Numbers 14:20    Teacher: Dr. Clay Smith

Sermon Discussion Questions


Starter: Tell about a time when someone you know suffered a consequence as a result of a bad decision.  Did they realize the consequence would be what it was?


Group Discussion

  • Read Numbers 14:20-25
  • In your mind, what does it mean when God swears an oath?  What does it signify?
  • In your opinion, how could someone see amazing miracles from God and not obey?  What gets in the way of their obedience?
  • God declares the people will die in the wilderness as a consequence of their decision not to enter the promised land.  Does this sound fair to you? 
  • Caleb is singled out as an exception.  In your opinion, what would a person need to do to be like Caleb?
  • Read Numbers 14:26-35.
  • In your opinion, what does it mean to grumble against God?
  • Imagine daily life for these people over the next forty years.  What was it like?  What was the mood like in camp?  How do you think family relationships were impacted?
  • How does this speak to you about turning away from God’s plan?
  • Read Numbers 14:36-38.
  • The spies had been given great responsibility.  They paid for their lack of courage with their lives.  Who do you know that paid a high price for rejecting God’s plan?  What can you learn from them?

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