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Sun, Dec 01, 2019
Series:Your Song   Passages: Psalm 101    Teacher: Dr. Clay Smith

Sermon Discussion Questions


Starter: Name a non-political leader whose values you admire.  How do his or her values influence their decisions?


Group Discussion

  • Read Psalm 101.
  • What do you think was going through the King’s mind as he sang this song?
  • Think about what you believe.  How does it guide your decisions?  How did your values come to be a force in your life?
  • If you valued strong love and justice, how would these beliefs shaped your decisions?
  • Have you encountered any of the types of negative people the King describes – the swerver, the selfish person, the slanderer, or the prideful person?  In your experience, how do they drain you of energy?  How do you cope with them?
  • The King describes two kinds of people he wants with him – the faithful and the ones who walk in integrity.  Do you have people like this in your life?  How do they add energy to you?
  • The King’s mission is to drive evil out of the city of God.  What’s your mission?  What values or beliefs do you need to possess to achieve this mission?

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