• Clay Smith
    Lead Pastor
    Clay Smith

    Since 1994, I’ve served as the Lead Pastor of ADBC.  What does that mean?  I’m the primary teacher.  I lead the church to fulfill its mission – to help as many people as possible take their next step toward Jesus.  Other more interesting stuff about me is that I am a Rare native Floridian and I am a cattleman in my sparetime. I write a weekly column that appears on my blog, here, and in newspapers across the Southeast. I have an amazing wife, Gina, who is a counselor at her own practice, Lifeway Counseling. I have three adult children who are paying their own way in life! My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird & my life verse is Isaiah 40:31," Those who wait upon the LORD will renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk, and not grow faint."

  • Todd Fleming
    Executive Pastor
    Todd Fleming

    With a background as a former sales rep and senior pastor, Todd now serves as Executive Pastor at Alice Drive. He has been on staff since 2008 as the Adult and Discipleship Pastor.  Todd is gifted in leadership and coaching leaders to their best potential. He oversees all ministries at both the Loring Mill and Pocalla campuses.  He coaches and supervises the pastors as well as the financial and human resources areas of the church.  He is married to Penny and has three children: Ben, Adam, and Cat.

  • Mandy Easton
    Creative Pastor
    Mandy Easton

    Mandy has been on staff since 2011 serving in a variety of roles. She stepped into her role as Creative Pastor in 2018. She oversees Traditional and Contemporary worship, Communications, Tech/Media and First Impressions. Mandy, and her husband Ben, have five children Jack, Katie, Sarah Ann, Emily June and Luke.

  • Travis Pruden
    Discipleship Pastor
    Travis Pruden

    Hello, I’m Travis and I have the privilege of serving as your Discipleship Pastor.  I have served on staff since 2016 and oversee Adult Ministry, Pastoral Care, Next Steps, Missions, and Bishopville.  My wife, Rhonda, and I have one daughter, Caroline, who is a student at Clemson University.  I love working out, sitting by the firepit on cool days, and all types of music (except Country).

  • Matt Sprinkle
    Student Pastor
    Matt Sprinkle

    Hello! My name is Matt, and I am over the Student Department and minister to our middle school students.  I have been at ADBC since 2016. Church has always been my second home! My amazing wife Kari and I have 4 children – Brantley, Sadie, Riley, and Ellie.  I’m a nerd at heart when it comes to games, music, theology, and books!

  • Delmar Peet
    Pocalla Campus Pastor
    Delmar Peet

    Delmar has served as a pastor on staff since spring of 2015. In February of 2020 he stepped into a campus pastor position at our Pocalla Campus in addition to being a regular teaching pastor. He is married to Hannah, and they have two sons, Calvin and Delmar IV. 



Loring Mill Campus Staff

  • Kelly Parker
    Assistant to Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor
    Kelly Parker

    Kelly has been on staff since 2015. She is Administrative Assistant for our Lead Pastor, Clay Smith, and our Executive Pastor Todd Fleming. Kelly has been apart of ADBC since 2011 and baptized here in 2012. Kelly and her husband Joe have been married for 27 years and have 2 children, Abigail and Caleb.


  • Kristen McCaskill
    Kids Minister
    Kristen McCaskill

    Kristen serves as Kids Minister. She is responsible for running our entire kid’s ministry. She is married to Bruce and they have a little girl, Hazel.

  • Sarah Roberson
    Elementary Director
    Sarah Roberson

    Sarah began her role as the Elementary Director in January of 2020 after serving several summers as an intern. She is responsible for everything Kindergarten to 5th grade. As one of the many Sarah’s in the office, SR is known for loving all things events to give kids the best experience possible at church! Originally a Georgia girl, Sarah now lives in Sumter with her family while also pursuing a master’s in Communication Disorders.

  • Jenni Sederlund
    Kingdom Kids Director
    Jenni Sederlund

    Hey ya’ll! My name is Jenni Sederlund and I am the Kingdom Kids Director. I get the pleasure of working with sweet preschoolers, their families and some amazing teachers. I have been working with children as long as I can remember, and I graduated from Purdue University with an education degree in 2004. I also married my husband Adam in 2004.  We have 3 kids, Claire (14), Owen (10), Zoe (9), they make our lives so much fun.

  • Bethany Summers
    Kingdom Kids Assistant & Preschool Coordinator
    Bethany Summers

    Welcome! I am honored to serve as the Kingdom Kids Assistant, and the Coordinator/Baby Whisper for the ADBC Kids Childcare for MOMs Sumter.  ADBC has been home for my family for many years now, the USAF brought us here, and God continues to bless us. “For I know the plans I have for you” -Jeremiah 29:11 My wonderful husband, Bo and I have Twins, we have them in litters- Irelyn and Shane. I have a slight obsession with piggies…. To the point that my retirement goal, well I should say that my husband’s retirement goal is to fund my farm, “Summer’s P’s” Puppies, Piggies, & Pa-Goats. Yes, you read that right, Pa-Goats!

  • JoBeth Hilliard
    Girl's Ministry & Young Adults Minister
    JoBeth Hilliard

    JoBeth is the Girl's Ministry and Young Adults Minister.  She is responsible for running our Girl’s Ministry Program and Young Adults.  She is married to Shane and they have two boys, Brent and Riley.  

  • Mary Johnson
    Adult Ministry Assistant
    Mary Johnson

    After spending 14 years in West Africa, Mary Johnson relocated to Sumter in 2013 to live closer to her parents. Mary serves as the administrative assistant to the Discipleship Pastor, Travis Pruden.   She is married to Stan and has two children and two grandchildren.

  • CC Newman
    Next Steps and Missions Director
    CC Newman

    CC and her husband moved here from Michigan over 14 years ago. They traded the snow for the warmer SC climate. They are an extremely active family. CC and her family find that physical activity is their fountain of youth. They enjoy anything outdoors, good food, and spending time with their family and friends. CC and her husband, Lance, have six children and seven amazing grandchildren.

  • Morgan Caldwell
    Assistant to Next Steps & Missions
    Morgan Caldwell

    Hi! I’m Morgan! I’m the Next Steps/Missions Assistant! I assist our Next Steps Minister as well as our Missions Minister in their day to day ministering. I have been working at ADBC since October 2019. I’m married to Joshua and we have been foster/adoptive parents for almost 3 years and we have been blessed to have loved on 16 children during that time with currently 6 awesome kids in our home.

  • Bobbie Owens
    Communications Director
    Bobbie Owens

    Bobbie just joined our staff in October. She serves as the communications director and enjoys working with the different ministries to promote all their events. She worked in the hospitality industry for eleven years and has a passion for people and community. Bobbie, and her husband Jake, have two children, Madeline and Hall.

  • Grey Shealy
    Media Director
    Grey Shealy

  • Chris Nygord
    Graphic Designer
    Chris Nygord

    Chris has been on staff in a variety of roles since 2004.  He has been graphic designer since 2006 and is responsible for all the graphic design for the Communications Department including the newsletter, bulletin, website and sermon series.  He is married to Cyndi.

  • Sarah Lee
    Communications Assistant
    Sarah Lee

    Sarah has served on staff in a variety of roles since 2005. She is currently serving as the Communications Assistant. She is married to David and has three children; Christopher, Richard, and Lauren; and five grandchildren; Caleb, Gabriel, Emery, Willow, & Kanan.

  • Perry “Bubba” Moses
    Director of Administration
    Perry “Bubba” Moses

    Perry, known by most as “Bubba”, joined the staff of ADBC in 2013 as Director of Administration. He has worked in accounting, computers, construction, real estate and medical practice management. He serves as church's financial administrator, human resources director, and manages the church’s computer systems. He also manages the operations department which oversees the daily operations of the church and its physical plant. Bubba enjoys all the little ones around the church. He loves their smiles and hugs whenever he can get them! He is married to Tisha and has a daughter named Ally.

  • J Wrenn
    Facilities Manager
    J Wrenn

    J is retired from the SC Air National Guard where he served as assistant fire chief for McEntire fire and emergency services. J manages the physical plant for the church. He is responsible the buildings, grounds, the scheduling and setup for their use. He enjoys baseball and serving with the local American Legion post athletics. J is married to Bobbie and has a son, Andrew, serving in the US. Army.

  • Tripp Craver
    Financial Coordinator
    Tripp Craver

    Tripp joined the staff of ADBC in 2020 and currently serves as Financial Coordinator. His primary job is at Chick-fil-A in Sumter as a Manager. Tripp is married to Jenny and they have two awesome kids, Brenna and Warren, and an overweight pug named Owen.

  • Jason Troutman
    Facilities Coordinator
    Jason Troutman

    I started working at Alice Drive since 2002.  I am the facilities coordinator, so I make sure the church is ready for service.  I have been married to Julie since 2006.  I love to travel and watch soccer. 

  • Cherie Williams
    Contemporary Worship Director
    Cherie Williams

    Cherie serves as the Contemporary worship coordinator for Alice Drive.  She has the pleasure of coordinating and working with teams each week as they lead our church in worship.  Cherie and her husband Mark have two children, Tyler and Ashleigh.  They enjoy traveling and exploring God’s beautiful creation.  

  • Jamie Lotts
    First Impressions Co-Director
    Jamie Lotts

    Jamie serves as one of the First Impressions Directors at Alice Drive. She loves to make people feel at home, and her spiritual gift is hospitality. Jamie is a former Army Brat, moving all over the world while her dad served our country. She moved to Sumter in 2016 with her husband Michael, their son Henry, and their poodle Murphy.

  • Amy Stoddard
    First Impressions Co-Director
    Amy Stoddard

    Amy is married to Jason Stoddard, and they have two daughters- Bree and Aubrey. The Stoddards have been members of Alice Drive since 2015. Jason and Amy are enjoying working with the young adults' ministry and our members of the First Impressions Team.


Pocalla Campus Staff

  • Delmar Peet
    Pocalla Campus Pastor
    Delmar Peet

    Delmar has served as a pastor on staff since spring of 2015. In February of 2020 he stepped into a campus pastor position at our Pocalla Campus in addition to being a regular teaching pastor. He is married to Hannah, and they have two sons, Calvin and Delmar IV. 

  • Josh Caldwell
    Worship and Student Minister
    Josh Caldwell

    Josh has been on staff with Alice Drive since December of 2018. He has a great desire to lead God’s people through music, and a great desire in helping the students at our Pocalla Campus find the identity in Christ. He has a heart for music, and to help students take their next step in following and trusting God. He is married to Morgan, and they are foster parents.

  • Shawana Harris
    Mentorship Director
    Shawana Harris

    Hello! My name is Shawana, I’ve been the Mentorship Director since Dec of 2016.  Mentoring has been a passion of mine since I was a little kid.  I guess that is why everyone called me MAMA Shawana.  I found my purpose early and if you feel like this is yours I would be blessed to have you as part of our team.  My recently retired Air Force husband (Thomas) and I have 5 beautiful girls Faith, Destinee’, Asiyah, Zemariah, & Nevaih.

  • Andrea Metz
    Kids Director
    Andrea Metz

  • Sarah McMillan
    Pocalla Campus Assistant
    Sarah McMillan

    Sarah is an Ohio native who has called Sumter home for many years now. She spent 10 years as a music teacher before joining our team as the Pocalla Campus Assistant in April, 2021. Sarah is married to James, and they have two children, Richard and Eva.


Bishopville Campus Staff

  • Sam Smithson
    Bishopville Campus Pastor
    Sam Smithson

    Sam serves as the new Bishopville Campus Pastor. He leads and teaches a LIFE Group in Bishopville every Sunday and is present in that community each week.  Sam, and his wife Paige, have a son, Samuel.


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