“We exist to help as many kids as possible

take their next step toward Jesus Christ!”



What do we believe?


Every kid has a NEXT STEP.

We believe that every kid, no matter how old they are, has a next step towards Jesus Christ. Maybe their next step is to listen to “Jesus Loves Me”, to pray once a day, or to start reading the Bible! Whether you are 4 weeks old or 90 years old, we believe that you can always be taking steps closer to Jesus! What is your kid’s next step?


Every kid deserves to learn in a clean, safe, and fun environment. 

We believe that kids learn best whenever their environment is clean, safe, and fun! So, we strive to keep policies and procedures that keep your kids safe at all times. Every kid has a nametage that matches a security tag that their parents are given at check-in. Kids cannot enter or exit classrooms without these. We also run background checks on all volunteers and make sure that your kids will not only learn from them, but that they are also safe with them. We have many other policies in place to ensure your kids safety! Our kids’ areas are kept clean by our awesome facilities crew and our leaders work hard to keep areas tidy! Lastly, we are constantly tweaking, researching, and thinking of new ways to reach your kids in a way that gets them excited about Jesus! All of our programming is designed to capture the interest of each age group, babies to 5th grade, so that we can share the gospel with them.


Partnering with parents is the most effective way to lead kids to Christ. 

We truly believe that a kid’s spiritual journey is best led by their parents. No school, TV show, or even church can take a parent’s spot in influencing thier child’s spiritual journey. When you were created by God, He knew you would raise this beautiful gift. YOU were specially crafted by God to lead them! Whether you adopted, are fostering, or gave birth to your child, God has equipped you! We want you to know that we are here for you. We are here to help equip you, give you resources, allow you to be a part of the ministry, and create an environment that you trust leaving your kids in.





Each of our campuses has LIFEGroups on Sunday Morning, Sunday Night activities and Events throughout the year! Click your campuses kids ministry button for all the information you need! 






We are excited to be able to welcome children aged 12 months – 4 years!

We believe that even the littlest children benefit from Biblical based teaching in a loving environment. The purpose of the Kingdom Kids Preschool Program is to support the home and extend the ministry of the church by providing Biblically based age appropriate education for preschoolers. 


More information here!




MOMS Sumter, formerly known as MOPs, is a ministry of motherhood.

Whether you are a military mom, a Sumter born and raised mom, a mom raising babies in diapers, or a mom sending kids off to college, this is for you! This is a place for women to find comfort and community with other women who get their joys and their struggles, while encouraging each other with the Word of God. We believe that every mom, no matter their background or age, can connect with each other as sisters in Christ!


More information here!





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